Why Laravel is Best Among The Top 5 PHP Frameworks

In brief, we can say, PHP is the most used Scripting language. There are some features which make PHP widely used language. Features like, easy to use, robust and flexible. Sometimes, the task becomes tedious and repetitive. PHP Framework can be helpful here. The framework is best for the beginners to start building more stable apps along with coding and proper database interaction. PHP framework can be helpful in promoting Rapid Application Development (RAD) which reduces the repetitive work of coding. Also, it helps to build more stable applications and saves time, too!

There are some of the PHP frameworks which are mostly preferred by the developers to use because of its flexibility and stability features. Following are the most used PHP frameworks:

  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • YII Framework
  • Symfony
  • CakePHP

Amongst these all, Laravel is the best and top in PHP Framework.

Laravel was intended for the web development and web application following MVC (Model View Controller) architectural way and patterns. Laravel is an open source and free Web framework.

Let’s see how Laravel is on the top in PHP frameworks list!

Laravel is also known as “ PHP frameworks for Web Artisans” has an amazing community and wins the hearts of the experts and been the most popular framework. The main feature is of ease and flexibility here. Laravel doesn’t force you to use strict plugin structure rather it leaves the architecture open for all 3rd-party plugins. This is the main reason why the developers are highly recommending Laravel. Actually, it is not well structured but it is simple and great! The premier thing about Laravel Web Application Development framework is its Eloquent ORM.

Laravel basically comes with its own templating engine named “Blade” which allows us to write plain PHP in the templates. That means blade brings no performance overhead!

Have you got the news? A solution found for the developers who love to build lightening fast API’s based on Laravel. Yes, Laravel has just released “Lumen” which is a micro PHP framework introduced for web developers. There comes the solution which let you start web development without any hassles of installing web servers on servers or on your local machine. “Homestead” which is the packaged box-an inclusion of Laravel.

Laravel decreases the issues regarding Automation Testing Work, Integration with Mail Services, Delay in Delivery and much more. Thus, Laravel is powerful, yet accessible, providing powerful tools needed for robust and large applications. You can Hire Laravel Developers at your place for building a strong and robust web applications.

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