WordPress vs Magento, for Ecommerce Industry – What to Choose and Why?

Having the similarities in the platform architecture, WordPress and Magento create the confusion in selecting the best platform for eCommerce industry. Here are the reasons what to choose and why.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of e-Commerce solutions available to choose from, all there with their number of pros and cons. There is always a confusion while selecting the platform to develop an eCommerce website. You may find many platforms, providing you benefits to grow your business online but there are a number of limitations, too!

The open source and the most popular platform, WordPress and Magento are similar architecturally. These both are SEO friendly, customized and have the healthy online support community. These both platforms are content management systems and having a high-end functionality to set up an e-store. Because of this reason, online merchants get confused in choosing between these two platforms. Here, in brief, we can say, if your purpose is for being more content oriented then go for the WordPress but if your motto is to sell the products via e-shop or something online, you can better hook to Magento.


In elaboration, once can say, one can use WordPress if the purpose of the website is to post contents and blog. Nevertheless, the functionalities provided by WordPress plugins are limited. Now, one can properly realize to use Magento for the eCommerce website as a one stop solution where just by navigating to Magento Admin Panel, one can find out eCommerce capabilities like payment integration, price management, shipping options, gift cards, inventory, order completion, and much more. And to create a perfect online store with the help of Magento, one can Hire Magento Developer. Magento can be the WordPress of e-Commerce!

Below are the five reasons to use Magento for an e-Commerce Industry:

Magento is an Open source Community:

Magento is an open source platform which is thoroughly free to install and modify. From Magento marketplace, it has become easier to add extra complex features and functionality just by installing some extensions.

Best fitting to e-Commerce industry:

Magento is the perfect platform to create an amazing online store you desire. Bluntly one can say that the result one wishes to get for an eCommerce site can be achieved with the use of Magento only. It is the best option rather get the result from such CMS plugins like Drupal Commerce on Drupal or WooCommerce on WordPress where one needs to go for Woo-commerce Development Services or WordPress Development Services.

Secure than any other:

WordPress or any other platform is very popular which get affected from hacking attempts while Magento is quite secure and robust. Magento is having its own extra plugins for selling products online so there is no risk factor for any CMS plugins or any extensions.

Magento is Quite Flexible:

Having an open architecture characteristic, Magento allows us to create a rich and differentiated consumer experiences for every different business needs. So, the control is in your hands over the look and feel of your Magento Website.

Premier in Performance:

When we are talking about an e-Commerce website, performance is a key point. A few fraction of delay can be harmful and affect the results on that particular online shop website. Being very flexible, Magento allows us to some advanced caching techniques to optimize every process.

These are some of the key points one should keep in their mind which makes Magento the best platform for creating an e-Commerce website.

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