Among to All CMS why WordPress Development is most famous?

WordPress always be the right choice for every developers to built a robust website with the powerful tools and plugins. Know why WordPress is most famous amongst all the CMS.

Lots of options arise when we are starting to plan a new website project. It would be confusing and daunting to pick the right CMS (Content Management System) for fulfilling the website project. After deciding to go for the open source, the vision is going to be clear. The only CMS which has become the first choice for the developers is WordPress which is an open source and free CMS based on MySQL and PHP. It helps the developer to create, update and organize the data such as text, images, banners, videos, audios etc on the website. It has amazing and versatile tools and extension which make it the best CMS. Users can also install different and attractive themes as per their choice and switch them too! These themes are perfectly designed using WordPress standards with perfect CSS, valid HTML tags, and structured PHP.

You know what? As per the Google Trends, it seems that WordPress is five times more popular than Joomla and nine times more popular than Drupal.

Content Management System

Originally, in May 2003, WordPress was released and by October 2009, the Open Source CMS Market Share Report announced WordPress the greatest CMS and now as of February 2017, the analysis said that 58.7% geeks are adapting WordPress.

WordPress dawn as a blogging platform when it was launched. People love the ease of WordPress and its advanced functionality and starting using it for building company websites with images, banners, videos, etc. And nowadays, the scalability, robust features, and quick installation process make people choose WordPress instead of Magento for building an E-commerce website, too!

We definitely should have look at some of the features of WordPress which make it the best and most popular amongst all other CMS in the world. The features are as follows:

Easy to use:

This is the main feature which is the first and the foremost thing for every developer cause more the complexity, more the confusion. So here, for creating WordPress website, you don’t need to learn complex programming or coding. Along with this, you can easily and quickly modify your previous content or layout.

Mobile Friendliness:

One does not need to be worried for creating a mobile version of the website, as WordPress is well configured and compatible for mobile phones, too. Though if you want more, you can definitely use its plugin called, WPTouch to make website mobile friendly.

Seo-Friendly Building Platform:

This is really an interesting and important one too! The search engine also prefers WordPress Websites because it crawls the WordPress website in deep. It happens cause of the ease of coding which helps the search engine understand and index the web content properly.

Cost Effective:

This is such a thing, everyone, hooks for. Being an Open source, WordPress is also free with plenty of stuff like 27000+ plugins and 20000+ themes. It would be helpful to create an attractive website with some inbuilt themes and plugins which help us in saving money.

These are some main factors which make WordPress the best CMS. There are many others, too! Global Vincitore provides scale-able and reliable WordPress Development Services with customization.

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