Mobile Application Development Services For Restaurant Business

To tune in to the current digital trend, it has become a necessity to have a Mobile Applications for Android for your Restaurant. With the on-going wave of Digital India and the increase in the use of online payments after demonetization, it is high time that your restaurant should have its presence in the form of Mobile App in the devices of customers which, in turn, will give a plethora of loyal customer base.

Here is a list of reasons which you should consider if you are in the dilemma of whether to avail Mobile App development services for your restaurant or not.

Ease of Discovering Among Other Restaurants:

A large number of eateries, food chains and restaurants are opening every day. In such a cutthroat competition, you have to do something to hook your customers to your restaurants. Using App development services to build your restaurant’s app is the answer to cater this situation. With the help of Restaurant Mobile App, people planning to dine outside can easily discover your presence on the internet. This helps you to stand out from the rest. This is the first step towards gaining customers.

Using the GPS of the users, the app of the restaurant can send notifications inviting them to the restaurant.

Display of Menu With Attractive Photos and Easy to Access Contact Details:

Once your presence has been known, taking this a step ahead, the mobile app for Android should contain a digital menu of your restaurant for easy browsing of the food available. A plus if photos of the dishes and interior of the restaurant are kept to lure the people. This affects psychologically and the chances of the mobile app users visiting your restaurant increases due to this. Also, it is important to give options of Calling to Restaurant so that people don’t have to take the trouble of going through Google, searching up the restaurant and then calling. The app of Pizza Hut has implemented this quite brilliantly.

Reservation, Ordering and Delivery or Take Away Through Apps:

Technology has made our lives easier and more and more people are taking advantage of mobile apps at hand to smooth the process of eating outside or ordering from home.


By using App development services to avail the option of Reservation Table for the people willing to dine with you, your restaurant staff can work effectively, as now, they don’t have to take down the names of people in the waiting list and keep calling names. This is time-saving for both, restaurants and customers.

Ordering Online and Delivery:

By giving the option of ordering online after the app users have seen the menu, helps retains the customers. Another feature that can be added to the app for ordering is saving the favorite/frequent orders of users. Due to this, the customers can easily order from your restaurant as you have a list of items that are their favorite. Due to this facility, the customer tends to come back to the app to order their regular food items to be delivered.

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Take Away:

The feature of Take Away in mobile apps ensure that the customer’s order beforehand through your restaurant app and arrive at the time when their order is prepared, thereby saving their time.

Apps of food chains like McDonald’s have made eating at home easier. Also, customized ordering

Online Payment:

More and more people in India are now paying their bills through various payments apps available. With this into consideration, restaurant apps developed using the Mobile App Development Services should contain integrated payment option within the app itself. Another benefit of online payments is less utilization of restaurant staff due to which the in-restaurant services improve with effective resource utilization. By aligning with various online payment apps like Tez, Paytm etc, this process can be made smooth.

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Reviews on Social Media and Food Apps:

Feedback is the most essential element of any business. A feature can be added in the restaurant app for Android in which customers get a pop-up once they are done with dining and paying the bill to give reviews in the app, share it on Social Media or apps like Zomato. This will help your customers easily connect to your restaurant. You get a great publicity when the customers share the photos of your restaurant and food on their Social Media or provide reviews on Zomato.

Loyalty Points or Referral Codes:

The best way to ensure that your restaurant gets a loyal customer base is by giving them Loyalty points or keeping Referrals through which the users of Android mobile app will share restaurant apps with others to gain points and these points, in turn, can be redeemed the next time they visit the restaurant (which they will do to use the points earned). Due to this, the customers will keep coming back to your restaurant and now they have a reason other than good food to do that.

Starbucks is using this feature of Rewards successfully.

Discount Coupons:

Apart from Referrals and Loyalty points, another way to retain and gain more customers is through offering discount coupons. This can be done through pop-up notifications. The users of the app should be notified on a timely basis with various discount offers and customers tend to visit more when they feel they are getting the deal in a lesser amount.

Sharing Among Friends:

Even though there is digital marketing, there is no harm in marketing through word of mouth. This can be done by adding a feature in the mobile app for Android through which users can share their experience with friends and can also suggest the dishes they liked the most and this way, through the app itself, your brand is established.

There are apps like Swarm that allows its users to chat and share their locations with their friends by checking – in and creating a record of their experience of dining in your restaurant.


This way, with the help of App Development Services which will take a little amount of investment, a restaurant can increase its Return on Investment through various means mentioned above. Now it is up to the restaurant to decide, whether having a dedicated app for Android for the restaurant is worth or not.

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