How To Improve Google Ranking Through Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is an excerpt of text which Google cuts from a page and positions this content in a box in the zero position above all other search results.

Features snippet simply includes:

  • The answer and an Image
  • The source page Title
  • The source’s link and URL

Let’s take an example of featured snippet for the common query “how to cut watermelon slices”

Result Oriented SEO Services

Important things regarding how Google selects text for featured snippets:

  • A featured snippet always most often answers in a brief and clear way.
  • A featured snippet can be from a page which ranked in top 5 or top 10 search results in a day. It has no need of getting first in top 10 searched queries.
  • It is lifted from a part of a text that is between 40- 50 words.
  • A featured snippet is formatted in one of the three ways by Google – paragraph, list, or table

Here is an example of paragraph format:

seo services india

In this kind of featured snippet, it is clearly visible that when a searcher asks for a query then the direct answers appears in paragraph format with or sometimes without a picture.

Here is an example of the featured snippet with methods in list format:

Professional SEO Services

So in this way, the query is answered in list format which shows steps to be followed.

The third type of featured snippet comes in form of data in tabular format:

professional seo services provider company in india

Answers which appear on the top of Google search results have converted into feeding SEO industry. Those industries can be called as best SEO services industries whose short answers are appearing in the top ranking when a user asks for a query.

As featured snippets consistently arrive in the search results, there is no suspicion that featured snippet appears first in search results while asking for a query by the searcher and it can be a huge driver of organic success. By keeping in mind that growth, Professional SEO services providers just try to put their best efforts in order to achieve success in SEO services in India. Every company in India will try to improve their rankings through traditional leads. We know that search engines like Google, Bing, Mozilla, Firefox etc. like content that answers queries of searchers in direct, brief and in a concise manner which can easily understandable for searchers.

Inceptive Content Interpretation and Juncture Computation

With featured snippets, the level of availing an opportunity relies on client’s work, domain and authority. Before putting any effort to schedule and go after featured snippets for SEO, you must compute and evaluate the existing content, article posts and videos as well.

The Flourishing Vogue of Featured Snippets:

With the passage of time, Google has included various featured snippets and also altered the existing ones, but the change which is totally different is an increase in the number of search queries that accelerated featured snippets.

As per the data revealed by reliable sources it came to be known that in December 2015, the queries percentage that produced featured snippets is 3.8%. After six months, in June 2016, the percentage increased to 8.7% and in May 2017, the featured snippets display percentage was 21.9%.

Case studies on the basis of keywords with average monthly search volume return a higher percentage of featured snippets. Featured snippets bring revolution in SEO services industry. It gives the searcher best and brief results.

Niches which have the most featured snippets:

There are vast changes in the vogue of featured snippets among various niches. As per Rank Ranger’s Search Engine Labs Project, the keywords which were searched in high volume were it the following niches and it produced the highest percentage of featured snippets:

  • Health and Fitness 6%
  • Financial Services and Personal Finance 7%
  • Business Services 5%
  • Technology and computing 6%
  • Pets 3%

Niches with the lowest vogue of featured snippets were:

  • Consumer Goods and services 2%
  • Style & fashion 3%
  • Travel 9%

How Featured Snippets Influence Organic Traffic:

At the very beginning, the point of concern is vacillating responses to featured snippets that would negatively affect website traffic, which then ultimately converted into a race to gain as many snippets as possible, as civilians realized that many times they can boost web traffic in a tremendous way. The traffic boost is specifically declared when the URL appearing as the featured Snippet ranked below the top 3 organic search results.

More different types of snippets include video snippets, voice search and Google home snippet.

Getting featured snippets has now transformed as an important part of SEO Services efforts to increase organic traffic to their patron websites. The main aim of this part will be to contour better practices for obtaining featured Snippets and also provide to the significance of what Google algorithm is especially looking for.

How to Obtain Featured Snippets:

  • Look for search queries which are not a public knowledge and that can be provided on Google in short simple and concise way.
  • Place the query and the answer beside each other on a page which aims at the topic.
  • Focus on developing quality content for the blog and the snippet text in particular.
  • The query can be answered in featured snippets based on following formats:
  • Paragraphs for definitions or answers
  • Bullets or numbered lists for a list of items or a multi-step process
  • Tables for the presentation of the data or comparisons
  • For tabular data and data in the form of a list, present the information in the steps of their significance.
  • Add fascinating and interpretative picture near the Q&A to be included with the snippet

How to Get Keywords for Featured Snippet:

Searching lurking keywords for Featured Snippets includes keywords research, but by using the following order you can find some really valuable window of opportunity:

  • Use keyword finder: which lets you search for keyword and phrases that are usually searched by people that are in question formats and those are really great leads for featured snippets. Keywords also help in finding Result Oriented SEO services.
  • Mine the questions from Google’s “people also ask” feature: find keywords in your domain and look for search engine results pages with people also ask feature.

Final Call:

After reading this, you know now where you can get with the help of featured snippets without investing a lot to stay on the top in Google Search. You can modify your existing content and then you never know when your article will be appearing in that box!

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