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Q. What is the best way to figure out the right target audience while doing #LocalSEO ? @localseoguide


@localseoguide – At a high level it’s pretty straightforward – you are looking for people looking for a specific product|service in a specific geography. You can get a lot more detailed than that depending on the category.

@localseoguide – One of our clients wants people in a specific city in the market 4 a mattress within the past 60 days. That’s the kind of targeting u can do a lot easier with PPC, but u can certainly come up with ways to figure out what that person should be searching for and target those queries

@localseoguide – So at the end of the day, like any kind of SEO, it comes down to keyword research. Using all of the data you have – Google Search Console, Google Analytics, internal search, competitive tools like , etc.

@Pravkumar07  –  The best way for local SEO to Target local audience.
1. Local link building.
2. Getting reviews.
3. Good content.
4. Doing keyword research seriously.
5. Business Listing should be proper way.
6. Website should be more creative and dynamic.
7. Proper mapping

Q. What are the top 3 factors to keep in mind while optimizing a web page for #LocalSEO ? @localseoguide

Local SEO


@Pravkumar07: Three factors to keep in mind while optimizing a web page for local SEO
1. Good Quality Page Content
2. Strong Page Element Optimization
3. A Well Targeted Keyword Focus.

@amartadi: 1. Use location based keywords in meta title, keywords and description tags
2. Use location based keywords in content
3. Define Geo location details in Geo meta tag
4. Define Geo location details in structured data

@localseoguide: 1. Right name, address & phone number on your site in text
2. Right content potential customers r looking for
3. Right calls to action #SEOTalk

@sandeepsktr: 1. Add physical address of business in web page.
2. Structure date optimization.
3. Content on page also play big role.
4. Add business on google my business and other local business listing sites. #SEOTalk

@dhavalgshah: Even when you are optimizing ‘a page’ usually you are looking to optimize your overall site and web presence as a whole. Can’t scream enough to have your NAT correct and have schema applied across the site.

Having local signals leading to these pages across the site, social, and web presence. And in multi-lingual markets, have right i18n versions with signals from sites in specific langs would go long way.

@himani_kankaria1. Geo based web pages
2. Keyword rich optimzation of the pages (no spam please)
3. Internal links based on geo-keywords
4. Image ALT attributes based on Geo-keywords #SEOTalk

Q. How important is internal linking from #LocalSEO perspective and how can it be done right? @localseoguide #SEOTalk

Local SEO


@localseoguide: Internal linking is critical to any type of SEO. There are often opportunities to optimize, particularly on bigger sites.
Our study on “Near Me” ranking factors showed internal links were a big factor https://t.co/RJD1dt0uda

Check out our last Local SEO Ranking Factors Study https://t.co/EA7ICHzydw #SEOTalk

@amartadi: I believe adding internal links for the location based keywords from other pages will helps a bit for rankings.

@Pravkumar07: The right way to help it
1. To use lots of rich content.
2. Then Linking to the Most Important Content from the Homepage
3. Then Add Links in Moderation
4. Sharing the spotlight
5. Website should be natural flow
6. The last colour matter most.

@TrivediRahul: To keep a user engaged, #internallinks with the Natural flow will help you out the most. #SEOTalk

Q. What is that one strategy which can be leveraged to optimize all local listings? @localseoguide

Local SEO


@davidiwanow: Change the links on your Google My Business page to link to the most relevant URL on your site (often not the homepage) #SEOTalk

@Pravkumar07: 1. Register with online directories and listing
2. Optimize titles and meta descriptions
3. Collect and manage online reviews
4. Use local structured data markup
5. Appear in local publications and media. #SEOTalk

Q. How can videos help in #LocalSEO ? Any checklist which can be followed? @localseoguide

Local SEO Strategy


@localseoguide: 1. Review target SERPs to see if Google shows any videos in results
2. If so, consider making a video
3. If not, and you think a video is a better result than a text page, consider making a video
4. If YouTube videos show up, put your video on YouTube

Q. How to optimize for voice queries while doing #LocalSEO? @localseoguide

Local SEO


@Pravkumar07: These are some tips for voice queries..
1. Get Listed at all possible website
2. Make the content authoritative
3. Optimize for Longer queries
4. well aware of On-the-go
5. A sense of urgency

Q. What are some of the most popular SERP features for Local SEO?? #SEOTalk

Local SEO


@Amartadi: Providing all the details of local listing while submission. Call and Directions features. Last, but not the least, Ratings and Reviews plays major role in local listings. #SEOTalk

@parthsuba77: I would say considering the mobile user experience, the local packs are too handy to give quick call or to route to a particular direction.

IMO if #brands optimize local listings well as per their suburbs, it would help them get lot of local traction #SEOTalk

The #brands should optimize for each suburb in order to leverage each location and their respective target audience #SEOTalk

@shree19801: Optimization of Google My Business listing, Use of Google My Business Posts, optimization for voice.

Q. How to rank for a local pack?? #LocalSEO #SEOTalk

Local Seo


@rvjptl: Just add keywords in title like this ‘Brand Name – Keyword’ (e.g SEOTalk – SEO Community in Ahmedabad).
Add 2-3 keywords in business description and You’ll see instant jump in local serp by this method. #SEOTalk

@iampratikhacks: 1. Title and meta description with targeted keyword
2. Online directories and citations
3. Google My Business: Claim and optimize
4. Reviews
5. Use local structured data markup

Online directories for businesses in India? #SEOTalk

1. Domain Authority
2. Generic Sites
3. Active Sites
4. Accept New Listings

@shree19801: #SEOTalk Optimizing & maintaining of important business pages like Facebook business pages, Yelp listing, Four Square,
Just dial getting customer reviews here is a all in one review link generator https://www.citationbuilderpro.com/app/review-link-generator

Details of SEO Optimized business listings while submissions #SEOTalk

1. Citation. Audit
2. Competitor Citation Audit
3. Prepare list of High DA,Low Spam sites
4. Add niche, Geo specific directories
5. Consistent NAP
6. Choose correct category
7. Use description with LSI keywords
8. Build Rich Media citation
9. Use link hub

@parthsuba77: Best list to optimize for local packs by @Moz

Local SEO

@Moz, @localseoguide, @MalharBarai, @parthsuba77, @Pravkumar07, @amartadi, @rvjptl, @iampratikhacks, @shree19801, @sandeepsktr, @dhavalgshah, @himani_kankaria, @TrivediRahul, @davidiwanow

Reference Links:

“Near Me” Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Factors Study

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