Are you a Startup? WordPress is the One-Stop Solution!

It would be nerve-wracking to approach for the first time in the industry. If you are a startup, you need to work hard on the first pitch of your startup because actually, you are asking people to take a chance on you. And the only way to be available to them is having a professional website. Yes, Startup needs a Solid Website!!! The one-stop solution for the startups is WordPress for building their website. Also, WordPress is used by more than 75 million sites which are the websites publishing posts every second. WordPress is the most famous and favorite CMS amongst startups especially.

Let’s see How and Why?
It’s Free and Flexible:

Yes, It isn’t any trap! WordPress is 100% free. One never needs to worry about the hidden charges. WordPress is also an open source CRM. It means that you can improve your source code any time to create the right side. It is flexible. Versatile enough to meet all your needs whether you are using it for a personal blog or any an e-commerce website. WordPress is always a good idea as it helps the user in all the way through its extensive features and extensions.

Safe and secure:

As WordPress has become very famous this could be the target for hackers. However, you don’t need to worry about the security as WordPress takes this very seriously as it keeps on updating its software to prevent attacks.

Mobile friendly:

Mobile users don’t like to zoom in and zoom out again and again so it’s very important to make your website Mobile friendly. WordPress is already done with this feature so you don’t need to have concerned and worried about it.

Capable of Creating Mobile Apps:

The worth process is having a WordPress website and then turning it into an app! Yes, WordPress has the capability to build the Mobile Apps where people don’t need for customized the admin panel. WordPress can be used as backend and frontend, both for a single Mobile app. It helps to enable a wide range of customized Rest API. It also improves the performance of URL Mapping system and secure.

No need for Technical or Coding Skills:

Usually, Startup doesn’t have very high budget to hire developers or any professional designer. You can build your website by your own. But it is Important to know the basics about WordPress Development and you can roll it. There are tutorials available from which you can get the help. Otherwise, don’t bother! You don’t need to be Geek!

Customizable and SEO-Friendly:

WordPress is full of plugins, extensions, and library! You can customize your website however you want. These advanced features of WordPress make the process easy. WordPress also helps the startups in setting meta, keywords and other such stuffs which ensure that your blog post and articles along with their titles would be search engine optimized.

24/7 Customer Support:

The community is always ready for the Support. They are available 24*7 for their customers whether you contact for plugin issues or for any tutorials. They are fast in giving the solution to your problems.

Used all over the world:

The ease of use, easy installation, and maintenance, coding free this WordPress CRM is almost used by all over the word from the Geek and expert developer to the content writer or blogger.

These are some of the strongest reasons why WordPress continues to be popular among startup owners. If you want to hire WordPress Developer then you can hire well experienced and expert team of WordPress Developers from Global Vincitore.

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