8 Reasons Why You Should Have Mobile App for Your Business

Today, almost 36% of the Indian population is using smartphones and 86% of their total time is spent on mobile applications. If such a huge number of people have already engaged with mobile apps, wouldn’t it be wise to get an app for your business to get closer to your target clients and customers?

Let us give you a number of reasons as to why you should have a mobile application for Android for your business. Before diving into that, let us take you through what a mobile application is.

Mobile Apps:

A mobile app is software that is made by app development services to run on handheld devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets etc. which has to be downloaded from the marketplace of respective devices like App Store or Play Store.

Mobile app development services make sure to design interactive apps to provide a customized experience and an attractive user interface to the users, keeping the functionality same as that of a Website.

Why do you need an App for your Business?

Just its popularity and the current trend of having business app might not convince you to get a mobile application for android for your business. If you feel that it’s not for small and mid-size businesses, just think why big names like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut would go for apps when they are already so popular and have a number of restaurants in a single city only. There has to be something more!

Dive into these multiple reasons stating why you must have a mobile app for your business.

1. 24*7 Visibility

The internet never sleeps. There is someone or the other who is using their smartphone and thus your app too. In this way, having a mobile application for android keeps your business active round the clock for your existing and new customers!

2. Direct Interaction With Your Users

Your app can bundle everything – information about your business, your core services, latest news/prices/offers, making queries and complaints, your contact details etc. Apart from this, you can remind your customers of your presence through sensible notifications about special offers whenever required. It’s an opportunity to stay close to them – just a fingertip away.

3. Retaining Customers Through Value-Added Services

Retaining your customers is as important as bringing them in. This can be done by providing them with a reason to keep coming back to your app. Customers should be rewarded for using your services and they have to use your business app to redeem such rewards. You could go for loyalty points and discount offers as well. This will give you a huge number of mobile app downloads and will increase your loyal customer base.

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4. Get Ahead of your Competitors

Small businesses are still not going for mobile apps due to their limited reach or affordability in most of the cases. This is where you can take a step ahead of your competitors. Be the first one in your region/field to use mobile application development services to provide an interactive app to your customers. They’ll be amazed by your novel approach!

5. Everyone is on it

While we suggest you to get ahead of your competitors, everyone is on it. By everyone, we mean every business. All the businesses today are scalable to fit into the mobile application environment. There are online-only banks now. Industries like medical and insurance are going online and mobile. If your core service doesn’t fit to be in an app, you can use mobile application for Android to help your employees in providing better services to your customers.

6. The Scope of Improvement Through Analytical Data

With technology, it has become easy to collect and track data. If you actively analyse the data, mobile apps are mines of useful information. This can be utilized to check how things are going, current trends among your customers and get things done from your end to improve your services accordingly.

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7. Better Services

With everything going digital, customer reviews are getting less verbal. For any business to succeed, getting customer feedback is a must. Mobile applications for Android will provide an easy way for the customers to reach you if they have any queries or are not satisfied with your services. This, in turn, helps you to keep track of the customer feedback on a single platform within your app rather than collecting information from various sources. This will help you get satisfied customers as now their questions will be answered quickly without them having to muddle around on websites.

8. Boost Profits Through Sales

The ultimate goal of any business is to generate revenue through sales to earn more profit. Mobile applications help businesses sell products and generate new leads for further development. Apart from sales, they enhance the brand awareness too. Your business is accessible to everyone, anytime on their mobile phone in form of apps designed by app development services which are always by their side.


We have given you ample reasons. Have you already made up your mind to have an Android application for your business? If it’s a yes, contact us. If it’s a no, go through this once again!

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