Do’s and Don’ts Before Designing a New B2B Website

One should have to create a thought process while Designing a New B2B Website rather to jump directly in the designing or so. Here are the guide to follow before building a new B2B Website.

Getting an opportunity to build a dynamic digital presence for your brand by creating a new website is an exciting venture for many companies and sometimes, terrifying too! The website directly speaks to your customers and shows the real values of your business.

While talking about building a B2B website, many B2B companies think that all they need is a refurbishment for their website. It is true that creating an interesting and a perfect website helps a lot in getting better leads. It attracts more people who crack the sales funnel and be the actual buyers. But it is not that easy!!! One needs to be aware of, what happens if you directly jump into designing a B2B website:

A Prediction:

Client: The design should be attractive

Designer: What you want on your homepage?

Client: I want spectacular graphic in the banner with som text.

Designer: What about below?

Client: Very stunning graphics and some placeholder. Along with some twitter and blog feed.

Designer: You have a deal!

Do you find this a proper way of facelift only while Designing a B2B Website? This is not going to work. If you are doing anything close to this, then drop everything and stop there because you are just wasting your time and money, both! Keep in mind, “Your B2B site is an untapped gold mine“. Just by showing a piece of code and logo it will not help in getting sales. Your website should be the part of your sales strategy, actually.

Here are some of the questions one needs to be go through before designing a B2B Website:
Know the Need of End Customer:

The end customer is the person who is going to buy your products and services grow your website. So this is the most important and basic spot to start the analysis by knowing the end user’s opinions and concerns into consideration. You are selling to these end customers and so you need to have their user experience in mind all the time. You can directly ask them such questions as a feedback like,

  • How well our product or service is performing to you?
  • Describe your buying experience?
  • What are some strong reasons make you convinced to buy our product or service?
Know your Sales & Marketing Teams:

These are some objectives of your customer and company which will come together to form an image of any effective B2B website.

Clear your needs first. Ask to your sales and marketing terms that, what you want from your B2B site:

  • Higher-quality leads
  • More leads
  • More sales
Track the B2B Customer’s Buying Process:

The extremely crucial task for any successful B2B Company is to understand your B2B buyers’ buying process. It depends on precisely tracking how your buyers move through their buying process. You can provide them some exciting offers, bonus points, gift cards or anything to make them be there.

Audit the current website and content:

Basically, a site and substance review just implies that you’ll be making sense of what is working and what isn’t, and what are your purchasers taking a gander at when they visit your site. The elements to consider in such a review incorporate clearness, diversion, client certainty and, obviously, the great, old FUD or dread, instability and uncertainty.

Spell out the Website Guidelines:

Last but not the least, before starting the designing, you need to clarify them exactly what you want from your new website so put together some rules and guidelines for the designers to work on it such as user confidence elements and call to action block.

So, really it puts a lot of thought into your B2B website before directly jump into its designing. It is quite tedious but helps in getting some great results. Consult with creative designer team of GlobalVincitore to design your B2B website.

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