Top 6 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Day by day the number of WordPress users is expanding. WordPress has become the first choice whether the user is Blogger or an E-commerce Businessman. It seems that people generally get confused in nominating the best and genuine WordPress plugins which are indeed. Are you aware? Having the correct set of tools can help in taking the business to the next level.

Let’s traverse through the top 6 must have WP Plugins:

1) W3 Total Cache:

What comes in a note while loading any website? Of course, speed is one of the most important factors even for a non-techy guy too! Do you know, faster websites usually rank higher in Google. This directly proportional to the number of visitors. Means more visitors for the website and more conversions too. W3 Total cache does this thing. It improves the user experience by increasing website performance. It serves cached and compressed files to the visitor. This helps in reducing the load on the server and makes website respond faster. It also has CDN (Content Delivery Network) feature which reduces the download time of the website content.

2) BackupBuddy:

Afraid of losing your data? Calm. WordPress is offering a reliable backup plugin – BackupBuddy. One really can not afford the loss of any data due to any attack on host’s servers or any hardware failure. WordPress has a reliable and robust solution for this. WordPress website needs to have a perfect backup strategy with a trusted BackupBuddy plugin. Issues like user errors, any hacks, malware, bad commands, deleted files, can completely wipe out WordPress site forever. So, BackupBuddy is a must have a plugin for your website.

3) Contact Form 7:

The name itself is self-explanatory, which tells us the use of this plugin. Contact form 7 is the oldest and most downloaded contact form plugin from the official WP plugin directory. This plugin is free so you can install it on as many sites as you want. This plugin can manage contact form along with the customization features. One can flexibly add the mail contents with simple markup. Once you install this, you don’t need to go for any CAPTCHA or Akismet plugins separately for any spam filter as it includes all of these.

4) Social Warfare:

For Social Plugin, Social Warfare is the highly recommended plugin. It lets you add social media follow buttons and social sharing features. It offers the beautiful look and feel of social sharing buttons at different places like after post, after comment, floating sharing buttons and fly in buttons. Social Warfare is the best plugin which can take care of you all social media sharing stuff.

5) All in one SEO:

There are various SEO plugins out there for WP website but while choosing the best amongst all, you will definitely pick All in one SEO plugin for completely optimizing a WordPress site or blog. For a newbie, it would be quite tricky, configuring this All in one SEO plugin. Actually, All in one SEO plugin is a full package all the individual SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, Google Sitemap Generator, etc. WordPress is self-optimized for SEO by default but apart from basic settings, we need to go for something advanced to make it rock-solid for any search engine.

6) Wordfence:

Here we go with the last but not the least, most important plugin which is Wordfence. WordPress is said to be a very secure platform but to add some extra firewall and security, a plugin is indeed. Wordfence is the most popular because of its ease of use and user friendliness features. It scans the data, gives the report of live traffic and blocks the unauthenticated IPs.

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