Build Your Brand Through Voice Assistants In 2019

“Siri, start my morning playlist.” “Alexa, check the traffic on my way to the office and let me know the best route & time by when I will reach.” “OK, Google.”

These commands have become a part of our day-to-day life now. Voice assistants have played an important role in our lives with their invention. The home-assistant products by Amazon & Google are a hit in the market and Echo has been recorded to have ruled the Black Friday sales in 2018! This is enough to show the preference of voice assistant apps by people.

As per a report by voicebot, there are about 1 billion voice assistants connected to home devices & smartphones and the numbers are yet to reach the sky in the meantime. With more and more people using smartphones now, this trend of using voice assistants is yet to stay and even become more sophisticated.

Businesses know this potential and that’s why it has become imperative to inculcate the voice assistants for android apps. BMW has already made declarations about their voice assistants to aid in vehicles which will be out in March 2019.

While we are at it, let’s have a look at the scenario of Voice Assistants in 2019:

1. Conversational Approach to Apps:

With Natural Language Processing techniques, the voice assistant apps have inculcated the facility to modify voices and have learned to converse more like humans. This has improved the interactions of Brands with their audiences through smartphones and home-automation devices.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the voice assistant apps on Android will talk back to you sensing your tone? In 2019, we are expecting the brands to develop more context-based voice assistance features.

voice assistant apps

2019 is Going to See a Context-Based Revolution in Searching

Amazon has implemented context-based voice style in a limited version of Alexa. In the whisper-mode of Alexa, when asked, it replies in a gentle manner, keeping in mind the tone of the requester who might have been whispering to keep things low. With the help of Neural Text-To-Speech technology implemented by Amazon, we are looking forward to a situation in which the voice assistant will be handling user requests considering the situation in which they are gauging it from their tone.

2. Appointment Handling By Voice Assistants:

A lot of buzzes was created when the world came to know about the Google Assistant booking an appointment over a phone call with the hair salon. Using the Recurring Neural Network technology of Google also known as Duplex, the users can book appointments with doctors, schedule meetings, reserve tables at a restaurant with the help of Google Assistant.

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In 2019, We Expect Duplex on Both The Ends

It is cool when an AI books appointment at a hair salon, but it would be even more amazing if this appointment call is taken by an AI at the other end. This will ensure that a lot of time is saved on both ends when the employees don’t have to haggle with the bots.

It will be even better if the smart voice assistant apps can check for reservations for restaurants online, look out for the best possible options and book the table knowing your preferences. The duplex technology when implemented will enable businesses to save resources and engage those resources in more refined tasks.

3. Brands Prioritizing Voice Assistants:

Our lives have centered on our devices in the past few years and we are going to be even more digital in the coming years with the Internet of Things connecting everything in our surrounding. People have realized the potential of home automation devices and a huge number of ways in which such implementations have eased the mundane human tasks. Businesses are quite aware of the preference of voice assistants and are thus prioritizing the inclusion of voice searches and assistants while developing apps.

Google search engine optimization

The voice search has also improved the Google search engine optimization by taking away the pain of typing the queries. It will be an added advantage for brands to allow the voice search which in turn helps in getting discovered on search engines easily.

Wrapping up:

Voice assistant apps make us all feel like Aladdin with his Magic lamp, here the app being our Genie, fulfilling our wishes of turning the lights on or playing our favorite song or making purchases on our behalf! These assistants are going to be smarter in the future and will be available for a variety of things that surround us, be it booking an appointment with your doctor or tickets for your favorite show. Businesses must consider taking this in and incorporating voice assistants to reap the benefits of this ever-progressing arena of Artificial Intelligence.

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