Most Common Challenges Faced in AR Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality (AR) is considered as the enhanced version of reality where one can notice the live indirect or direct version of the physical real environment being augmented with the superimposed computer images over the user’s view of reality. This leads to the enhancement of one’s perception of the current reality.

App developers are of the view that mobile apps are not a one-time event, they need to be updated at regular intervals. It needs to be updated with bug fixes, new functionalities and expanded user capabilities. The application developers of North Carolina ensure the AR technology to reach each and every corner of the society so as to familiarize the masses with this booming technology.

Working of The AR Mobile Apps:

1. Apps Utilize GPS Data

Such an app has access to GPS tools where relevant data can be gathered by finding the points of interest in a particular area. These apps are developed by the app developers by making use of Junaio, Wikitude, and Layar.

2. Recognition of AR Markers and Images by Apps

This type of app is involved in capturing objects and it is ensured that the graphic content is placed on it, thereby, determining the position through a smartphone camera.

All fields from marketing to gaming and the treatment facilities available in the area of medicine are affected by Augmented Reality. Development of AR apps has never been a simple task. With the evolution of AR development industry, there has been a considerable rise in its usability. An array of challenges is faced by the developers in terms of the development of AR mobile apps.

The various challenges in The Arena of Augmented Reality are as Follows:

1. Multi-user Experience Constraints

It has been observed that solutions and apps related to AR are developed on smartphones, tablets and various other gadgets. As a result, it would provide a single-user experience to the people who download such mobile apps. Uniform and multi-user experiences will grow only when AR becomes accessible on a large scale.

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The developers should ensure new ways of multi-user experiences that are optimized in such a way that they perform well irrespective of the load and the participants involved.

For instance, a skilled team at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision at the Graz University of Technology developed an AR game known as ‘The Invisible Train’. In such game, the performance is considered optimal for four players. In this AR game, the team mentioned the technical challenges and the malfunctions related to hardware needs to be looked into in detail.

2. Technical Challenges

The developers of AR apps take care in developing such apps similar to other apps but there are some technical challenges like content, awareness, and education of the concept, Unity 3D engine and so on that need proper attention. In order to have functional AR apps, companies should cater to various components.

a. GPS Related Error

In order to enjoy a smooth navigation system and digital maps, the accurate GPS readings should read as 6 meters. But, it has been seen that such a reading lags the performance of the AR software. While employing the GPS technology, the vendor should ensure that the AR marker objects are big.

b. Recognition of The Pattern

It has been seen that tablets and smartphones are enabled with hi-tech digital cameras that capture images of high-end quality. But such gadgets are not fit for the visual content of Augmented Reality. Usage of 2D barcodes and QR codes as AR markers is done by the vendors so as to overcome the above-mentioned limitation.

c. Sensor Readings

Inaccurate sensor readings are the most common type of technical challenge faced by the developers. The electric interference is not able to be filtered by the compass and accelerometer present in devices. The vendors can remove noise by making use of ‘Exponential smoothing technique’.

3. Interoperability

The structures of web applications that are currently available prevent the vendors from customizing the browsers related to AR along with integrating the functions into the social media platforms and multi-media services.

4. Unavailable Content

A major challenge faced in the field of AR is the unavailability of content required for AR mobile apps. It is similar to owning a smartphone with no apps on it. Over the years, it has been observed that the demand for interactive content is high among the users who prefer to indulge in a unique AR experience but the lack of content keeps them away from having that AR experience.

Nowadays, companies are working on providing content on a regular basis. Non-availability of content makes people take a step back in adopting technology related to AR.

5. Lack of Public Awareness and Education

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This is considered as a social challenge. A new technology when developed takes time to reach people and such is the case seen with Augmented Reality. Technology related to Augmented Reality is still in the nascent stage and will require some time and effort so as to reach the common masses.

6. Software Challenges

It has been seen that many solutions have emerged recently, which have been created so as to cater to the needs of the developers. Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, these are very promising and simplified app development but still, it will be early to consider these as winning solutions. Developers need to adopt new kits to devices that are newly launched. It has been found that there is no integration of social media with the AR browsers. The situation is seen to be improved in the coming years but the developers are still burdened with the framework and software related challenges.

7. Legal Issues and Regulations Related to AR

Privacy and safety concerns have always be considered as the center of discussion when it comes to new regulations like GDPR emerging. Copyrights and Ownership rights are the talks of the town among the legal professionals.

At the moment, there are no legal framework and standards available that apply to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps. There could be a possible conflict between the landmark buildings and AR developers. As the landmark owner would want the ownership over the information that an app makes available to the users.

For instance, app users can build their reality when engaging in a particular program. But if such an amazing idea comes into existence then who would be the owner? Will the property belongs to the user or the company that developed the AR app? It can be seen that some of these concerns may seem far-fetched but may lead to tedious and lengthy legal battles in the upcoming years.

As AR becomes more common and reaches the masses, the government and local authorities will be forced to pay attention to such a booming technology. A perfect example of this is the death and damages caused by the famous game ‘Pokémon Go’ which requires regulatory guidance in such a field. Pokémon Go Death Tracker has been set up so as to provide information about people who have died while using the AR app. Being stuck to a specific regulatory framework may curb the growth, development, and applicability of the sector.

8. Devices Related to AR

The apps used in AR are similar to other apps that can run on smartphones and tablets. The apps lag due to hardware incapabilities related to motion sensors, screens, processors, cameras, internet connection and so on.

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Elements like Google Glass, AR headsets, HoloLens and Meta are still not within the reach of the public, thereby, preventing the people to experience the thrill of AR.

For a Bright Future:

If you can dream it, you can experience in the real world with Augmented Reality

The experts are confident that Augmented Reality will overcome the various challenges and the social rejection which is the risk faced by the developers today. This technology has the potential to be useful and incredible. The fact has been recognized by the big giants that it is a matter of time when people will be able to see the positives of the AR technology. In a few years, the AR mobile apps related problems will just seem like a bad dream which just lasted for a few minutes.

The aim of the mobile app development companies in north carolina is to develop apps that engage the customers in an efficient manner so as to witness the exponential growth of the business. Here, the developers are seen to be experienced with the cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and so on.

One can hire app development company in order to develop mobile experiences that are beneficial, fast, secure and tailor-made to meet the specifications of the users.

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