Top 10 Announcements From Google I/O 2017- The Epitome Of Excellence!

Google I/O, the annual developer’s conference has unfolded some of the astonishing things about the next version of Android, new hardware, machine learning and pretty more.

The action-packed event was a frantic excitement for the Google fans wherein a lot was discussed by the Google’s CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai on stage that how the upcoming Google’s products and services will transform the way developers and customers interact with the products.

Here are the 10 Biggest Announcements from the I/O Keynote in a Nutshell:

1) Google Assistant

Now, Google assistant access will become available to 100 million devices and it gets smarter with a technology termed as Google lens. The assistant can analyze the surrounding through smartphone camera and showcase the relevant content on the screen.

Additionally, with new Google assistant SDK release, the Google assistant can become a part of any device like- a car, TVs, or home. Thus, opening up new channels for the manufacturers.

2) Google Assistant on iPhone

Finally, Google assistant will become accessible to iPhone and iPad users just like a Google app on iOS device offering the same functions as what Google device users have experienced.

3) Google Lens

The lens is the Google Goggles on steroids that will work using artificial intelligence and knowledge graph. The vision based computing capabilities enable the identification of real world things in a single view, which is incorporated in Google assistant and Google photos.

4) Google Home

The voice-activated speaker Google home will be turned into a phone using which the homeowners can make free calls in the USA and Canada with no privacy headaches. The Proactive assistant support and visual response support are added to Google home that accepts the visual response and delivers the right information on the connected screens.

Spotify free services support is also offered, and HBO Now, Hulu, and SoundCloud can be controlled with Google home.

5) Google Photos

The suggested sharing is one of the brilliant extensions made to the Google photos app using machine learning wherein the recommendations are made to share the photo with the people recognized in the photo shot.

The shared libraries is another add-on which allows users to configure the phone in such a way that images are added to a central location and shared automatically with a certain person and of a certain date. Besides, the photo books can be created, printed and shipped to the user’s doorstep after compiling the photo albums.

6) YouTube

Soon, the YouTube smart TV app users will enjoy the 360° YouTube videos on the large screen just by pressing the button on their TV remote as the 360° YouTube video support is added to it. Even, the 360° video can be live stream during the events on the TV using the YouTube app.

7) Android O

The great slew of features is added to Android O which includes picture-in- picture support that allows users to shrink the playing video on the Android phone screens into the corner and use the phone; Smart Text Selection feature makes words or phrase selection easier; notification feature is enhanced where a long tap on notification dot allow users to preview, dismiss or open the notification.

Will we find out the full name? Last year Google held a contest to announce the name. This year it may do the same even though the conventional wisdom choice of “Oreo” feels like a fait accompli.

8) Android Go

The light version of Android O is rebuilt for the entry-level smartphones with less memory storage capacity like 512GB of RAM or less. The new iteration of mobile OS has its own version of the Google Play Store where users can view how much data the app has consumed while downloading and using the app.

9) Android Exceeds 2 Billion Active Devices

In the opening minutes of the keynote, the Android’s OS dominance in the market is revealed by the fact that Android has surpassed the two billion monthly active devices milestones. The Android devices include Android phone, Android tablets, Android TVs, Android wear and more.

10) AR and VR

Google has expanded its VR ambition with standalone Daydream VR headset spec that enables the development of mobile VR headsets, which alleviates the need of using the smartphone to offer VR experience to the users.

Enhancing AR experience is another avenue of Google and to improve it, the visual positioning service (VPS) is announced which works like GPS services for indoor guidance. It can be used by different industry verticals to power the user’s AR experience.


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