Why You Should Use WordPress for Website Development

From its outset in 2003, WordPress has emerged as a powerful yet free content management system (CMS) which offers a wide range of features which provides aid in the creation of the finest and splendid business websites. There is a study which proclaims that more than 25% of the internet websites are power driven by WordPress CMS. The professional websites and e-commerce stores have witnessed WordPress as a reliable means for web development.

Web Development Companies in India ensures that WordPress helps to create pre-built websites for free so that you have ample time to focus on the core areas of the website like online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content and so on.

Advantages of Using a WordPress for Website Development:

1. Set up your website under Five minutes

Installing WordPress is just a cake walk. You can set it up and start working on your website within five minutes. With the help of single click installation offered by most of the web hosts, WordPress is set up in just a few minutes. With the introduction of selective hosting plans, the hosting company installs WordPress on your behalf and therefore helps you to work on your site through the WordPress dashboard.

2. Remove the Middleman

A lot of time, money and efforts are required for maintaining your website as per the latest standards, keeping it mobile device friendly and good quality security should be implemented to prevent the attack by hackers. Along with the above, adding new pages and content to your website is also important.

When it’s a custom built website, hiring a developer doesn’t come cheap and you will have to pay them hourly. WordPress doesn’t seem to have that problem. Updating WordPress is just a click away, installing security plugins helps to protect your website and you can even add and manage the website pages on your own.

Now think of how much money you will save if you use WordPress for your website.

3. Availability of a Plethora of Themes

One of the prime reasons why people love WordPress is because it gives you access to innumerable WordPress themes from which you can choose and build your website.

Let’s say you are willing to build a website for a beauty salon or a construction and mining company. Then you can easily find a Construction WordPress theme or a medical WordPress theme to build your website by just making a quick search on Google.

There are WordPress theme Shops known as ProteusThemes which provides you with high-end quality themes at affordable prices.

4. The Capacity to Scale the Website with the Plugins

There is an availability of over 43,000 plugins on the official WordPress plugins database and Code Canyon witnesses over 4,100 Plugins. When it comes to scaling your business you have plenty of options as and when your business grows.

By using these plugins, a contact page for your website can be created, a checkout system and a layer of security can be added, SEO can be improved and landing pages can even be created by just a few clicks.

5. Being User-Friendly

Coding knowledge or experience in Web Design is not required when you want to work with WordPress because of its user-friendly interface which provides you with the ease of managing your entire website from a single dashboard.

While using the WordPress’s Live Editor, you can add new pages, media and posts on your website. You can also customize your website with the help of widgets, headers, menus and add a new background by going on the Appearance Section.

6. Supports and Updates on a Continuous Basis

WordPress is supported by a community of millions of users around the world. Any problem you experience with it, be rest assured, as these experts are there to solve your queries.

The company behind WordPress that is “Automattic”, releases at least three major updates every year for the CMS. Your system will be updated automatically along with minor other upgrades and its free of cost. Feel the privilege to check the WordPress version with different methods.

Now, do you think the independent web designer would offer future upgrades free of cost?

7. Being Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

The need for optimizing your website pages and content for search engines definitely would lead you annoyed and irritable. Now just imagine how much effort is put in when you want to go through each and every page on a custom built a website so as to optimize them for keywords and Meta descriptions.

wordpress development services

Well with WordPress for your website you don’t have to worry about that as there is a plugin readily available for it.

Yoast SEO is one of the many WordPress plugins available that help in the implementation of Meta descriptions and optimizes your pages for keywords.

8. A/B Testing or Split Testing

The painless A/B Testing is an important marketing plan for every business that will help in the increase of your conversion rates. The ability of the WordPress to connect with the third party apps helps you to incorporate A/B Testing services such as Unbounce and Optimizely for the creation of landing pages and improve your website with the help of running split tests in order to generate more sales.

9. Incorporate the Third Party Services

When you have to incorporate a payment gateway like 2Checkout or there is a need for installation of an automatic backup system for your website such as VaultPress, WordPress provides you with the comfort and the ease to work with different third-party services and apps without the need to hire a web developer.

For instance, there would be plugins if you wish to connect your website with Salesforce to get important customer data.

10. Managing Content is Easy

The dashboard of WordPress helps you to deal and experiment with a lot of functions such as use the drag-and-drop interface to upload the multimedia content, galleries of your images can be created and you can also add amazing widgets to customize the sidebar.

11. Build a Community of your own

Use a plugin like BuddyPress which would provide you aid in the creation of a small community of your own inside your WordPress website.

Thus, it’s a great means to build a small community for your brand which would lead you to create a meaningful place for your customers to come together and share their ideas.

12. Convert your Website into an Online Store

Do you plan to start an eCommerce website? If yes, then you can use WordPress with WooCommerce. Famous online stores like Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols are both powered by WordPress.

wordpress customization services

13. Customization of the WordPress Website Design

A wide range of WordPress customization services is being offered. You can definitely customize the design of your WordPress website with the help of page building plugins without the need to edit the theme files or typing of any code.

Suppose you bought a pre-designed WordPress theme, then this plugin would help you to design a distinct landing page, homepage which is custom made, or even design an extraordinary portfolio for the display of your products with the help of easy to use visual composer.

14. Supportive and Responsive on all Mobile Platforms

Unlike the other custom built websites, a separate version of your website is not required for smartphones and tablets. When you buy premium WordPress themes, they are pre-optimized for mobile screens. WordPress supports and is responsive to all mobile platforms and screen sizes.

15. Cost Efficient

Usually, it takes around $2000 to $25000 for hiring a web developer to design a custom built website. Adding the hosting fees and the maintenance fees, you will tend to spend an entire marketing budget you have set for building your website.

Gone are those days when creating a website would burn a hole in your pocket. All thanks to WordPress. Many businesses are choosing WordPress for doing business online.

A widely spread Corporate brand with a huge marketing budget set than hiring a design firm for building a custom website should be a great choice, WordPress being easy to set up and affordable. WordPress can be set up by any person even if he or she doesn’t have web design knowledge.

16. Online Marketing Services

With online marketing services like Sumo, which can be incorporated effortlessly with WordPress for showing the pop-up messages, a creation of welcome mats, a collection of emails and so on. You can share them automatically on your social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and so on by using apps like JetPack.

17. Increased Site Security

WordPress plugins such as iThemes Security helps to keep your website safe and protect it from hackers, malware and all sorts of bad things. It also ensures that strong passwords are enforced.

Now there is no need of hiring a security expert. Feel free to check out Kinsta for more information on how one can strengthen the WordPress security.

The Final Call

WordPress is one of the upcoming and famous trends in web development. It is a leading tool which through its custom WordPress services ensures the speeding up of your web development process. Above mentioned are just a handful of what WordPress offers for your business along with the WordPress development solutions. WordPress is a world of its own and has endless possibilities. It is one of the best examples which substantiates how businesses can thrive in an open source ecosystem. Through WordPress related products and services, many companies are earning a larger share of revenues. This, in turn, would lead these established businesses to become successful ones in their own niches.

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