Web Development Trends You Must Implement in 2018

In today’s world, a well-developed website as per the latest web trends leads to the flocking of more people to your website. When it comes to the one thing which is constant in the web development industry, it is “Change”. In this fast-paced life of ever-changing technology, one needs to keep a tab on the latest technology trends that would enhance the business and keep you on the top of your game. All the web development services are customer focused. The web developers thrive to make sure the web development services are based on innovative and latest technology. Web development companies in India offer user friendly web designs for meeting the vital objectives of the clients.

Let us discuss the latest Web development trends which when incorporated in your website would help you soar the ladder of success.

1. HTTPS and SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol which helps in the process of encryption of data along with its authentication leading to which a secured web is established between the visitor to your website and your system.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) refers to the base for transfer of data or information over the internet. By adding “S” to HTTP it becomes Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The information which is transferred and received over HTTP is secured by SSL.

Installing an SSL Certificate leads to a series of benefits, namely:

  • Sensitive information needs to be preserved and protected from time to time by SSL without the fear of loss of data thereby gaining the user’s trust and confidence.
  • Goodwill of your business is built over the internet.
  • HTTPS websites are given privilege in terms of ranking by Google.
  • SSL takes into account the need to eliminate the risks of cyber fraud.

Therefore, the data or information on your website will be secured with HTTPS by adopting the SSL protocol.

2. User Behavior Tracking

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With the advancement of technology, the modern day solutions can help to track which content allures the users and what is preferred. This helps in devising a suitable strategy for your business which, in turn, helps in achieving the organizational goal and objectives by taking the action and the behavior of the users on your website into consideration.

The tools used in User Behavior Tracking takes following into account:

  • Record the clicks made by the user
  • Movement of the mouse
  • Scrolls activity
  • Note the activity of the user regarding frequency in visiting the website
  • Web development tools help to know the response your website is getting from the users
  • A/B Testing gives you the clarity regarding whether it will work out or not.

Google Analytics help a great deal in User Tracking Behavior and provide solutions in this regard.

3. WordPress 4.9

WordPress, one of the most popular web development trends, is an open source software that provides the ease and convenience of blogging and content management system (CMS). It has low maintenance costs. The highly trained and qualified team at WordPress ensures to provide WordPress customized services along with the WordPress development solutions. The workflow inside the customizer is improved by WordPress 4.9. WordPress “Tipton” brings code syntax into your notice and the errors are checked.

Companies should incorporate WordPress in their website because it is easy to install, update, learn and use. With the help of WordPress Plugins, you can make your website load faster. With WordPress being a secured system, there are plugins that are integrated into the WordPress website to manage the search engine optimization data.

WordPress 4.9 focuses on better customization of UX with improved switching and previewing taking place within the Customizer.

4. Artificial Intelligence

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Chess-playing computers to self-driving cars fascinate one and all but do we really know the technology behind it? Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind this and it has gained popularity over the years due to the increase in the data, the improved computing power and storage and advanced algorithms.

Benefits of incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your website:

  • AI extracts the most out of the data which has all the answers stored, the more data you feed in to the deep learning models, the more accurate they become.
  • AI performs computerized tasks which are high in volume and reliable without any tiredness.
  • The existing products will have improved AI features which adds intelligence to them.

Therefore by incorporating AI in your website, the internet users will find it easier to interact with the website. All communication barriers will be removed as machines will understand human emotions better with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

When you are stuck in the traffic and getting late for a meeting scheduled, your car which has access to your calendar and also knows the best possible route to take in the traffic sends a text message to the other party concerned notifying that you will be late. This is possible through Internet of Things.

The businesses should implement Internet of things (IOT) in their website as it would help them in the cost savings because connected devices helps in monitoring the levels of usage. Connected devices would keep track of air moisture, soil moisture and light levels which would help to maintain the consistent quality of the production. Also, incorporation of IOT in your website helps in running your business from remote areas no matter where you are located physically.

6. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

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PWAs can be accessed in a browser without installing it and has URL of its every page for providing trouble-free linking. They bring about an experience of an app in a browser tab.

When you incorporate PWAs in your website you become a recipient of lots of benefits like:

  • PWAs ensures that users spend more time on your website because of its app-like experience.
  • The transfer of data on your website is secured because of the use of HTTPS protocol.
  • Your website can even run when there is no network connection because with the help of PWAs, your website is made available to the users in the offline state too.
  • PWAs can match the standards of browser compatibility.
  • When the user will access the website which has PWA features, it prompts the user to click on the button “Allow” for sending notifications. After the user taps the “Allow” button, it will allow the website to notify the user of messages or updates even when not looking at the page.

The web-based applications like PWAs take the best from the website and the mobile apps and provide you with numerable benefits of both.

7. Blockchain

Satoshi Nakamoto coined the blockchain technology which constructed the base for cryptocurrency-Bitcoin (electronic cash), which is the first digital currency. Blockchain technology, being digitalized is a decentralized and a public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions.

If your website uses the blockchain technology then it is impossible to hack a blockchain system due to the following reasons:

The shared database is arranged every now and then within which lies the blockchain technology. The computer systems update the records of the database it holds in every ten minutes. The data is scattered across so many personal computers that it is difficult to destroy the blockchain functionality. If you want to sabotage the blockchain technology then you has to destroy every personal computer where the data is stored or cut the internet off entirely. The encryption is of the highest standards and if someone needs to break it, it requires multiple supercomputer capabilities.

For the purpose of security and identity, the blockchain encrypts the personal information of the users and allow them to share the information selectively. The encryption will benefit both the parties so as to keep the website and their information safe from the hackers.

The rise of blockchain technology is on the cards and is one of the major web development trends of 2018. Keep an eye on the growth and potential of blockchain technology in the upcoming years and be the first one among your peers to benefit from it by using such technology for your website.

8. Chatbots

A Chatbot is a computer program based on machine learning and natural language processing, which is assisting the humans in completing tasks like making an order for a service, finding information, provide help in dealing with questions and answers in a form. Businesses would find chatbots efficient and easy to maintain in terms of cost.

Currently, bots are present on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype and so on. Large business houses such as H&M, Sephora and Tommy Hilfiger have their own bots, these businesses have their bot building framework and open source tools strong and intact with an easy access.

The businesses should incorporate Chatbots in their website which would help in the communication between the brand and the customers, thereby reducing costs and resources. With chatbots, the communication is solely in texts but they also employ high quality images, audios and videos. This helps businesses in showcasing their expertise by giving information to the customers regarding their products and services.

The processes such as scheduling, management of documents, hiring and so on along with the cost factor are taken care of with the implementation of Chatbots by the businesses in website development.

9. Motion UI

With the help of Motion UI, the web developers integrate animated elements into a website. The Motion UI Sass Library offers transitions and animations for your website which are applied to every element of the website in a simple and an effective manner to enhance your website. CSS files and Sass files help in the creation of your own animations.

Modern-day animations would work the way you want to with the help of Motion UI. You can easily do the coding of Motion UI with having the basic knowledge of CSS and JavaScript to develop an interactive Web interface which, in turn, helps to gain more traffic on your website.

10. Google AMP

The high mobile traffic websites open the door of opportunity for Accelerated Mobile Pages. In a contribution to the web development trends in 2018, Google came up with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) developed with the help of leading IT experts.

When you build an AMP version of your website, it ensures the fast performance on the mobile devices.

The loading speed of AMP-ed pages is quite impressive. The ads and AMP version of your website looks more real on small screens leading to an engaging experience for the users. Your ranking on Google SERPs is influenced in a positive manner with the help of AMP.

11. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

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Augmented Reality (AR) blends digital components into the real world whereas Virtual Reality (VR) recreates reality digitally.

Usage of Augmented Reality is more in mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters are examples of Augmented Reality. Alibaba has already started with the VR tours for its buyers to have a digital 3D experience for its products.

Virtual Reality uses technology to build a virtual world for users to interact. VR Helmet or Goggles helps to build the virtual reality.

AR and VR create strong emotional engagement creating a real and authentic connection with the audience and out of the box visualization possibilities. AR and VR are one of those web development trends whose usage for your website will skyrocket your shares.

The day is not far when an online shopping website has incorporated augmented reality technology, then virtual fitting rooms would help the users choose the right size which, in turn, would decrease the purchase returns.

For WebVR- Javascript Library ensures VR works across the web browsers. Facebook’s Oculus, Google Cardboard etc are all possible because of VR.

The Final Call

New design trends, latest frameworks, increasing user expectations and developments in the mobile industry are bringing changes in the web development. The above-mentioned web development trends will cater to the upcoming needs and expectations of the user. See for yourself which of these web trends along with the custom WordPress services and web development services elevates your business to greater heights.

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