Web Design Trends That You Must Checkout in 2018

In today’s scenario with creative and advanced World Wide Web, users have the expectation of witnessing the most innovative and sophisticated designs. The web designers by offering their web design services have coped with the increasing technical challenges and have managed to create sites which are innovative, clear, user-friendly and adaptable to every device which is conceivable. The co-founder Andy Budd of “Clearleft” which is a pioneering UX consultancy, states that a shift to digital design from UX design will lead to the people experiencing more and more innovations in the field of digital design this year. We have seen much advancement in the website design trends with the inclusion of mobile usage that has taken over desktop browsing.

As per the web designing solutions in India, there are future predictions made by the best strategists and designers of the current period, web designing is evolving every single day with developments that are distinct. It is indeed necessary for you to stay ahead of the curve by encompassing the following cutting-edge website design trends into your website as per the requirements:

1. Scroll Triggered Animations

One of the intriguing web design trends is scroll triggered animations. This type of web trend is more likely to keep the users engaged by getting them hooked on a story. As long as these scroll triggered animations do not confuse the users and do not let you drift from your goal, this website design trend will definitely put forth your company’s credibility.

A recent inclusion in the field of web design which has gained popularity recently is Canvas Animation. One should not confuse Canvas Animation with GIFs as the latter creates a looping style video by only integrating images on a web page. HTML5 has a canvas element that is used to convert almost anything on a web page into animation. Unlike Flash, which is directly embedded into the HTML coding with the help of Document Object Model (DOM), this is useful because the canvas is allowed to interact with the other elements present on the page. Another important function of the canvas element is its cross-browser feature that removes the need for additional plugins so as to function smoothly.

Parallax technique of scrolling is being used by the web designers since 2011. The usage of this technique amplifies the online interaction and experience of the user while he or she uses the website. Parallax technique is one of the best to engage the viewers in the activities of the site and makes use of the background images while altering the speed of their movements so that an illusion of depth is created during the web surfing. The users are guided by this animation technique as well as their curiosity is evoked thereby making the page visits to last longer.

2. Designs Incorporating Gradients

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People definitely have noticed when Instagram rebranded their logo to the magenta gradient. Instagram’s decision to modernize gradients played a huge impact on the design as a whole and now it is considered as a popular design among the creative heads. A perfect example of the modern gradient can be seen on the website of Stripe.

3. Carousels left in the past by Designers: Molamil

Carousels refer to the slideshows appearing on the top of the website pages showcasing numerous images and texts. Did it ever strike you that carousels have been appearing less since the last year or so? There is an innovative website design trend known as Molamil with which the web designers move forward while leaving the carousel behind in the past. Brands prefer to go for those web design trends that display all the information to the users at a time and not hide any valuable content and CTAs which can be detrimental as per the statement made by the UX Research Agency. Also, the site’s loading time along with the bounce rates on the website pages are increased by the carousels which, in turn, can result in less traffic on website.

4. Well Designed Footers

The footer of a website design has been overlooked for years until now when a web design making news is simply “footer boosts”. A web design trend which provides contact information or signup form has entered into a zone that provides additional elements of the homepage.

5. UX Driven Diagonal Lines

After conducting in-depth UX research, responsive web design company has come to a conclusion that using diagonal lines as a divider is not only intriguing but also creates a purpose for the users’ eyes that gives them direction to follow page downward or point towards the call-to-action. Using diagonals in your designs will have you to witness an increased number of users who will scroll through the entire length of the site.

6. Abstract Shapes Will Captivate the Users

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The most loved website design trend is abstract shapes. Brands have been seen to be making a move towards these versatile shapes that is intriguing and captivates the users to a great extent.

7. Responsive and Interactive Web Design

The inclusion of User Interactivity has become popular and is on a rise. It is seen that the customers spend more time on the pages of responsive websites that utilize the features of user interactivity. The obstacle faced with this UX design trend is that clients would not want to pay for the advanced interactivity despite the fact that the clients and the team are wanting to include such engaging features. There is a prediction that with the appearance of automated development process there will be a slash in the cost for the clients who prefer the unique and interactive features on their sites.

8. Large Titles with Short Messaging

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In our fast-paced society, we usually witness that users spend very less time on websites. This is the reason why the responsive web designs are incorporating large and bold titles with shortened messaging so as to captivate their audiences and ensure to expedite their time to convert. The size of the heading tags is increased and paired with a smaller sub-text copy if there is more information which is desired.

9. Build Up User Experience

An amazing responsive web design which has made its appearance is added user experience. A system has been developed by the New York Times where you can scroll through the article you are reading, you are also allowed to reference the category and the title of the article at the top of the page as shown in the above image. This provides users with the comfort that they know where they are when navigating a content heavy website. This website design clears the top navigation mess leading to a better user experience.

10. Creative Utilization of Color Branding by Companies

A “multiple colors branding look” web design trend is one of the popular ones. This web design helps the user to get associated with such a product or service page where information is based on visual color cues.

For a brand, a website is the first medium so as to interact with customers and attract them. In order to be compelling, a web brand experience must include uniform narratives. One cannot define a sure shot strategy to build and communicate a better brand experience but a usage of the transparent process along with understanding helps in developing clarity and direction.

11. More Depth is being added by Web Designers

The large drop-shadow look is in demand and not seen to be going anywhere that too anytime soon. The key idea of this website design is to make sure the entire drop shadows are making their way in the same direction as if they are coming from a source called the light source.

12. Interactive User Interfaces

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Interactions use the current UI state and making use of such interactions can help you reach another level of creativity. When you implement UI micro-interactions then these can either make or break the way your website or application is perceived. One should experiment with the creative and non-disruptive interactions which would ultimately add up to a rich user experience that will definitely ensure value. On the contrary, adding too much or using transitions that disrupts or make the UI feel sluggish then such would affect the usability.

13. Minimalism

Minimalism is considered as one of the most popular and timeless design philosophy and it became popular among the graphic design artists after the Second World War and today we still see it as the “Go-to technique”.

Minimalism comes into effect when the designers are forced to distill their products interfaces to core features which are most essential. Here the emphasis is put on content instead of visual appearance. In order to be effective, minimalism needs to have a strong foundation defined by a grid in web design. There is also usage of typography and contrast which is exceptional.

Gone are the days of cheesy corporate stock photos with Unsplash, that is becoming the go-to resource which is instant for the beautiful stock photography. This helps designers by providing them access to choose gorgeous images for their projects. A popular trend these days is to use minimal stock photography with background colors that are solid and put great emphasis on the product or its key features.

 14. Creative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interactive Chatbots

With the evolution of technology, integrate AI powered chatbots for your services with the help of open APIs. Chatbots are fun to interact with and you can very well program the chatbots to self adjust in order to provide a personalized user experience. Chatbots uses are seen for marketing and advertising, customer support and for the creation of effortless product onboarding processes. Chatbots can be used in a lot of creative ways as it not only improves the user engagement but also the improvement in attention span of the user is seen.

 15. Storytelling with Data Visualization

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Data visualization is a great way to create visual stories which are engaging and captivates the audience. So far, data visualization is used by web designers for infographics or static mediums. In today’s time, web designers are finding it easier to approach and use data visualization as a tool which is effective to tell stories. Data visualization should be combined with intuitive user experience which would be a perfect recipe so that the user can have an amazing online experience which is educative and looks good too.

16. Expanding and Variable Fonts

OpenType variable fonts are considered as the new font format which packs multiple fonts in the same file. There are many platforms which provide support and variable fonts and have gained popularity among designers.


In this age of Digital Evolution, we will witness many website design trends which will come and go, emphasizing on their usability and popularity. If you are looking for responsive web designs to implement them on your website then you must study the user demands alongside understanding the relevance of the particular web design trends before implementing them. Before you proceed with a web design activity, ensure careful planning is conducted along with thorough discussions and brainstorming sessions. In case of any help, talk to a professional web design company for further explanations as they will be able to assist you better and give you insights into the latest trends prevalent which would help you create a website that would amplify user experience. Large companies are taking advantage of the human behavior and tricking everyone and are making most out of the user collected data. This is a very debatable topic which is bringing awareness among the community of designers and general public. With the implementation of the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you will notice an increasing awareness regarding how data is collected, processed and safeguarded by companies in the world. The latest legislative changes are making sure that web designers focus on providing human centric experiences.

With the help of these experts, be on top of your game, stay ahead of your competitors, minimize your risks and maximize your returns.

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