Top Social Media Marketing Tools That Makes Your Life Easy

Social media has changed the whole scenario of marketing with a drastic revolution. Marketing has been always about the communication through the content and this is what done by social media. To the point, if we say then, Social media tools are transforming the whole way how the brands market themselves online.

Here are some of the best and reliable Social Media Marketing Tools that makes our lives easy:


This is the tool which helps you drive your traffic in the best way and within the short period of time. Basically, it is a social media management tool which enables us to create a post, schedule it and distribute it across all different social media channels such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc profiles. This is a user-friendly interface which also gives the facility of insights on our postings.


Want an individual tool to monitor your Twitter account? TweetDeck is the best monitoring tool which allows to post and schedule your tweets while flowing all other feeds in real time. This tool is quite simple and flexible as it can be downloaded as a software to your system. The tool is free and you can add a number of Twitter accounts in it.


HootSuite is the most favorite tool. It is the best social media marketing tool just like Buffer. It collaborates with your social media accounts where you can create the post, schedule and can track the post too! HootSuite doesn’t only track standard engagement numbers but it also evaluates the team performance. This tool is highly recommended for agencies and large organization.


After posting and sharing the content, it is useful to know, which of your post is giving the best engagement. For that, we need to search for past metrics that matters. Social clout is a social media analytic tool which tracks engagement and measures social media ROI. It gathers relevant metrics and conversions from the social blog, forums, and the web. Indeed tool to analyze the competition which let us know our social health.  


Do you want deep insights of your interested areas? Go for tagboard. This tool is an especially known as a social listening tool. It enables you to get the deep insights into the areas for research and development. Here, you can enter any keywords, hashtags, topic areas for what you need to get the insights.


It has been the most useful and favorite amongst the social media freak who are addicted to market over it. Bitly is a tool which is used to shorten the URL. The benefit of using this tool is that the shorten URL generated by Bitly, nicely fits across every social media channel. It doesn’t eat up character count and more space. You can customize the shorten URLs too, with the use of API.


The social media tool which provides the information about the Market. It gives us the detailed demographic data about the visitors’ gender, occupation and much more. It monitors the brand’s reputation and also looks after if users are posting positive or negative reviews.


This is said to be the best lead generation tool which finds and acquire targeted leads through different social media channels. Socedo uses the mixture of demographic data and keywords and engages the prospects. This is one of the few social media tools which also handles outbound leads via social.

There are varieties of Social Media Marketing tools in the market but these are what you must have in your bucket.

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