Mark Your Presence on Google with Smart SEO Tactics

Now are the days of Google. We can call it the Google era. Gone are the days of shuffling through pages of books looking for information. Google has become a permanent source of information. However, with so much information available online, how do you make sure your content pops up in the first page during the search?

A tactic which everyone has been using to drive traffic is SEO – search engine optimization. It is important for every blogger, website owners to leverage the benefits of SEO. It gives you results without the need for expensive advertising. A local SEO company downtown will help you in achieving the results with minimal costs.

SEO optimization is not only about the ranking but getting the right of traffic on your website. It’s about making people buy your services and products – for quicker sales and fast results!

1. SEO Technique to Attract Customers

First of all, we should know that there are two types of customers – the ones who are looking to buy immediately and the ones who carry out detailed research before spending their money. The knack is to include the keywords that the later might use in their search in your blog. Using competitive keywords that are commonly used, will then depend on your website’s ranking for it to show up in the search. Using a less competitive keyword with a similar searching pattern will boost the search and help in your website’s ranking as well.

Let’s say, for example, you’re looking for a local SEO company to write a blog for your website. If you Google SEO companies, a number of search results will pop up. And for yours to pop up on the first page itself depends on your ranking. You can use Google Correlate to get the alternative keywords that people use. For example, instead of looking for a local SEO company, one can type SEO Company in North Carolina, digital marketing companies in the USA or even organic SEO services. Using these rare and offbeat keywords in your blog will help it show up at the beginning of Google search.

Writing content which is deep with those words will sell your websites like hot cakes.

2. The Land and Expand Strategy

By logging into Google search console and clicking on the performance you will be able to see the list of terms that are making your website seen and the reason for its ranking. Using this you can get the long tail phrases that people use in their search. These phrases can be used in your blog or content to enhance its search. But one has to make sure that while adding these extra phrases, you adjust your content to suit the keyword and that the keywords are not overused or stuffed. The content should look effortless, crisp and not too jammed with keywords. This will be a big turn off for the customers and might even prevent them from visiting the site again. The key to this strategy is to pick the right long tail phrase that will actually cause a sale instead of just increasing the traffic numbers.

3. Brand Building

Google has been emphasizing on brand building. A stronger brand will help you rank faster and higher. Building a brand will help you grow and succeed in the longer run. The most important thing to build a brand is to be gutsy and be bold. Create a brand name that is unforgettable and strikes a chord with its users. All iPhone and basically apple products sell mainly because if its brand power. Having an apple product is a show of class and wealth. Even though its quality and efficiency play a major role in its sales, some people go just for the sake of the brand. Thus it is important to build a brand of your own. Your brand growth can be monitored by Google trends. But, how do you build a brand?

  • Start commenting on others blog and websites, offer genuine and correct solutions. This will build their trust in you and your solutions. So, when you have your own website, stopping people from visiting it will be impossible.
  • Write content. A lot of content. Make your presence felt. Also, the layout of your content should be pleasant and beautiful. A tacky presentation will be a huge turn-off. Even if your blog attracts people because of smart SEO technique, it won’t sustain them because of its presentation.
4. Write Content with Depth

Content with more depth and words ranks above smaller content. It is important that your blog gives relevant, in detail information about the products or services that you are offering. It should be a one-stop-shop for its visitors. This will enhance the overall customer experience and your brand growth. Don’t just write for the sake of getting a higher rank but provide a detailed outline of what you are doing and why your customers should choose you.

Wrap Up:

Google has become our one-stop solution for everything we don’t know or for everything we need. Thus, SEO has become one of the major crowd pullers and also a lucrative job profile. But only if your techniques are on point to dominate the world of a search engine will it actually be lucrative. Dominating Google with the right techniques would do magic for your business.

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