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Most of us would have come across a small chat box peeking out from the bottom right corner of the screen on visiting certain websites. What are they? Well, they are what is called the Chatbot in the computer world. Chatbots are algorithms that have been programmed to respond and interact with visitors and customers in a manner similar to customer service personnel. Simply put, a Chatbot is similar to your Siri or Alexa but in a text form instead of speech.

Why Take The Help of Chatbots?

Chatbots are like a virtual personal assistant that makes the visit to your website an easy-breezy experience. Adding Chatbots to your wordpress websites has a number of perks and advantages which can help boost your site’s ranking.

The Following are the Perks of Adding Chatbots to your Websites:

Perks of Adding Chatbots to your Websites:

1. Gaining Subscription to Newsletters

There are a number of WordPress blogs and businesses that publish monthly or weekly newsletters. Chatbots help to add the website visitors to this subscription lists. This makes for a good way to push notifications. Adding visitors to the list of subscribers and sending updates or notifications of new events, posts, offers and constantly keeping the consumers within the business loop helps in gaining their confidence in your brand. This, in turn, helps you generate a pool of loyal customers.

2. Prioritizing Leads

Getting leads is quite challenging. But, Chatbots have simplified that process. Now that you are bombarded with a vast number of leads, it is essential to prioritize them on the basis of who has the highest possibility of doing business with you. Chatbots help you achieve this as well. The Chatbot is programmed to ask highly precise questions which helps in accessing and prioritizing highly qualified leads. Thus making the best use of that 5-minute window frame of the website visited by your target audience.

3. Help Get Leads

The success of any business is directly proportional to the number of leads its sales team is able to get. There are certain Chatbots which are very useful when it comes to generating leads. They are programmed to collect a visitor’s information as soon as they arrive on your website.  The bot starts by asking a few basic questions to check the eligibility of the person visiting to do business with you or to know their interest in the services or products that you offer. Once the bot figures out that the visitor is a prospective lead, it starts asking more strategic questions to suit your business needs.

4. Help Visitors Contact Your Team

It’s a common notion that Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are here to replace and take over the human presence. This notion is a misconception. AI is here to make the lives of humans easier and not take over their place for nothing can replace a good personal touch. The Chatbot helps in connecting your customers with your staff in a refined way instead of replacing them. The Chatbot can also direct the customers to the exact person they wish to talk to based on their preference. This gives them a personal touch making them want to visit your website again.

5. Direct the Visitors

There are certain Chatbots programmed specifically to address customers’ concerns and complaints. If a visitor does not know which module to visit on your website, he can ask the Chatbot to take him where he wants and it will do exactly the same. This saves the customers a lot of time which might be spent in searching for the thing that they are looking for. Some Chatbots might also direct to the “How To” page based on the queries posted.

6. Virtual Friends

Chatbots are programmed in a manner to have a friendly conversation with the user instead of sounding robotic and monotonous. The Chatbots address the visitor with his or her name, exchanges pleasantries and so forth. This gives the visitor the feeling of being attended to by a human and not a robotic algorithm.

Such a personalized experience offered by the Chatbots is sure to raise the bars of your business profit, then why not implement web development services that can help you boost your business! wordpress development services can be used to include Chatbots for your website. This is possible with the seamless integration of various tools and platforms with WordPress.

Chatbot Platforms

Check out the list of platforms that work with WordPress to provide a personalized Chatbot for your business website:

Chatbot Platforms

1. Drift:

This is one of the Chatbot platforms that can be easily integrated with WordPress websites by installing plugins and placing the line of codes in the site’s header section. Saving this code gives your very own Chatbot for your WordPress website.

2. IBM Watson Assistant:

Watson assistant is a smart Chatbot platform which has an inbuilt implementation of Artificial Intelligence to generate relevant questions to get the right answers. The process of installing is as simple as a walk in the park. All you have to do is install the Watson Assistant plugin and customize it as per your preferences. You can also give it the same theme as your website that improves the browsing experience altogether.

3. WP Chatbot:

It’s a relatively easy and simple platform that helps you generate a personalized Chatbot. You can also define an identity and add questions that can be asked to the visitors to generate leads using the simple plugins that can be installed instantly. Using this platform for your website development services, you can also create multiple Chatbots that can serve different purposes like support or sales for your business.

4. Freshchat:

This platform allows you to create smart Chatbots that can be set-up in such a way to meet your goals of getting the right leads from your visitors. The conversations by the bots can be categorized and used whenever and wherever required to improve your services as per the needs of your customers. This platform can also be implemented as a standalone support system rather than integrating with your WordPress website.

5. Botsify:

This is a popular choice among the newbies using WordPress development services. With a user-friendly interface and drag and drop features, you can easily build a Chatbot service for your website. There are various tools that help you analyze the nature of queries which in turn can be used to improvise your Chatbot services.

Wrap up

You have already got a glimpse of the benefits of adding Chatbot to your website. It’s about time to reap the fruits of Chatbot which is like an employee of your business that provides 24*7 assistance to all those visiting your website. If you are confused about choosing the myriad of options available for implementing Chatbots for your website, get in touch with us to explore the wordpress web development. Apart from generating the desired business leads and getting in touch with your target customers, Chatbots also help improve the overall experience of browsing through your website which adds you in the list of favorite sites for your customers.

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