WordPress Trends To Rule The Web Development Arena In 2019

There are more than 1.8 million websites on the internet and WordPress powers more than a quarter of these websites. Whenever one thinks of online business, WordPress is the first word which strikes. An effective web application development is essential for the growing online industry today. It is a must for every business to have a strong online presence to promote their business and get better sales. WordPress continues to grow in its popularity across the globe, and WordPress powers at least 28% websites which are live.

The WordPress web development services are growing persistently over the years to create more attractive visuals which are a must today to attract potential customers. It is expected that 2019 would be a great year for WordPress development services.  This year would get more amazing features of WordPress that you should definitely look out for. With more innovative and creative designs and trends in coding, you can now make use of WordPress tools to get the perfect website to serve your needs providing the best results.

WordPress Web Development Trends:

In this blog, we have put forward the most exciting and latest trends in WordPress. You should take a look at the new trends that WordPress would bring in 2019.

WordPress Web Development Trends 2020

1. Great Themes

WordPress was initially nothing but just a simple platform which was used for building the blogs. Today it is a leading tool for premium website development services. It can deal with much more than just blogging. The new WordPress features enable it to handle all e-commerce solutions like the creation of shopping carts, and creative fancy product pages.

The New Year 2019 has brought more advanced themes for WordPress which will provide its users, visually appealing and stunning websites with customizable features.

2. Improvement in The UX Designs Combined With Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are the latest trends in the world of web development services. This trend has come a long way, and in 2019, it will be indeed the most popular tool used by the large proportion of the population. The interactive elements used on websites encourage the uses to interact more with the websites and also works as a great factor for higher engagement of the users with the website.

3. Dual Themed Designs for Websites

Dual tone websites are the buzzing trend in web designs. The year 2019, promises to adopt these colorful websites with new add-on features in WordPress. It is a fantastic feature for the websites to highlight the typography in a much clearer way and deliver the desired messages.

4. Photo-Friendly Websites

As the English phrase says that a picture can speak a thousand words! This phrase stands very true and hence the year 2019 has started to bring Photography themes in WordPress to entice the users. Many websites are making use of the Photography WordPress themes today for a large and impactful visually stunning websites.

5. Themes for Multi-Purpose

The multi-purpose themes cover a wide array of different kinds of websites. This is the major reason for its immense popularity among website developers and users.

WordPress intends to come with multi-purpose themes in 2019, to enable its users to create all kinds of websites with appropriate features which are necessary for the business websites. The versatile themes are not only modern but customizable with amazing plug-in bundles. The Multi-purpose themes stand out to serve very useful functions for all websites. Most organizations use WordPress to power their websites, and hence we expect to see a significant rise in the multipurpose themes in WordPress.

6. The WordPress Themes will be VR Optimized

The technology is advancing at a fast pace, and we are moving towards a Virtual reality living. Virtual Reality is the next-gen technology that is completely going to change the way the world functions. It has not only been implemented in gaming technology but has touched every industry today. It enables the user to enjoy the 3D effects even from the comforts of their home. Looking at the popularity of 3D, WordPress intends to bring this feature for website development services in the year 2019, and project amazing websites.

7. Header Videos

Now with advanced features enabled in WordPress in 2019, it will be easy to add a background of videos to any element on the website. It entitles the user to include powerful themes and video headers on their websites for the biggest impact. Video headers are a popular trend which is becoming the first choice for all website developers.

8. WordPress Themes for Smartphones

Smartphones are used by billions of people in the world today. Hence, WordPress intends to bring mobile friendly themes in 2019, to enhance the users’ mobile viewing experience. This feature will definitely boost the views of the website and give the users a great experience.

9. Animated Features

The website developers around the globe realized the impact that animations on websites can bring an enhanced viewing experience. WordPress is likely to move to a new level in 2019, with the introduction of the subtle elements of animation plug-in features.

10. Chatbots

The Chatbots can be integrated with CRM to provide more enhanced user support. The Chatbots are personalized and provides the business more information about their user than a random visitor. You can even capture information about the users click on various promos, whether they have downloaded a lead capture or their interaction with your social channel. This feature provides users with much better user support.

11. Infographic

Infographic is a new tool that is upsurging the trends today for all websites. WordPress intends to enable the Infographic feature for its users. Infographic is a great visualization tool for data to create accurate interactive charts, maps and information graphics.

It is indeed a very popular tool used by marketing teams, bloggers, news agencies and even students around the globe.

12. Addition of a Few Sticky Elements Instead of Pop up Advertisements

Well, we all know as users that pop-up advertisements are ignored by maximum users. We, as users, ignore the pop up’s every time they come. Hence, in 2019, WordPress comes with the idea of sticky elements or sticky bars at the bottom and top of the websites for promotions. These will be much less obstructive and more subtle form of promotion.

Wrapping Up:

These are the list of some the most significant trends in WordPress which are up for release in 2019. Well, few of these are already out, and some of the features are still under development.

It would be an exciting year for all WordPress developers and users. The WordPress community intends to bring great changes which will be definitely adopted by various websites. WordPress will gain higher popularity with more advanced features and functionalities. It is expected that the new WordPress features shall turn into a blessing.

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