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SEO The Basic Need For A Website Marketing – Latest Trends and Statistics

  • November 5th, 2014
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Almost 90% of Business has gone digital. Digital marketing has become vital for the growth of the business. The first thing any company or business should perform is to make a website to promote its products or services. But just creating a website is not enough for the growth of the company. It should be guided properly to the clients with the desired motto of the business.

Why SEO?

The Companies need their website to get on top page rankings. If the page ranking is good they get more traffic for their website. To make this task professionally perfects they need to hire SEO expert. It’s not that you always need Professionals, You can perform this task on your own also but if you have professional guidance you will not have hurdles on the path of growth. The Professional performs all the necessary tasks to bring traffic to your site. But providing quality services and products is not their forte. You should be very keen that the products or services provided under your name should be very impressive and of best quality, this increases the amount of traffic to the site.

Latest Trends of SEO

  • SEO performs almost all the tasks for your business. If you hire an SEO consultant it will improve your Business.
  • Providing high quality content for a website is one of the most common trends in SEO. It should contain the refined knowledge of the products and services with proper keywords so that all the users can easily access the website with the keywords.
  • Keywords and Contents should be very keenly searched. The content should be up to the point so that the client does not feel misguided once they visit the website.
  • Along with the contents, the link building is also very essential. The clients should have proper knowledge about which page are they directed. And most important the links should be well-structured. If the links are not working the customers would switch on to other sites.
  • The links, the Contents and the keywords should be regularly checked and updated, So that, there is no hazard for the customer to reach your website.
  • Many companies have media files in the form of audio, video or advertisements they should be checked that weather they are working properly.
  • You may find people performing searches with different keywords. Be it the company name, brand name or product or services.

Latest Statistics of SEO

    • You can track you to keep the track of the visitors on the website. What time does the website has heavy traffic and how long is the site viewed.
    • The most important points are to track from where the traffic is coming to the website. The backlinks, if they have heavy traffic then is there any business.
    • 65-70% of the market is search engine market is owned by Google.
    • Almost 72% of links users click are organic.
    • About 80% users ignore the paid ads.
    • 78% of the viewers have never visit across the first page of the website.


Listed above are the few statistics that guide SEO professional to make an effective strategy that improves the traffic to the websites and results in the growth of the business.

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