WordPress Stats

  • 30 of websites powered by WordPress
  • 22.17 Million monthly page views.
  • 47,000 Available plugins
  • 88,505,201 Total download till the date

Why WordPress is Best

1. It’s free!

Well, anything when available for free is the best. WordPress is absolutely free without any clause or time limit. So, amateur bloggers can enter the world of blogging through WordPress. You can of course avail the paid features at your wish but the free version is just as good as the paid version.

2. User-friendly

The WordPress interface is self-explanatory and user-friendly. Navigation and updation are very simple and easy thus saving the time spent on how to use WordPress and enabling the blogger to concentrate on the content.

3. Attractive Themes

It has embedded beautiful themes and powerful plugins which enhances your blog and hooks the readers. Aesthetics is as important as content to help bring back a reader and full marks to WordPress on that front.

4. Highly Responsive

Gone are the days of desktops and laptops. The whole world has gone mobile and all the information that a user needs is on his fingertips. WordPress themes being highly responsive, you need not worry about your blog not being mobile friendly.

5. SEO-friendly

WordPress is search engine friendly and helps increase your site’s speed and load time. WordPress can also easily be integrated with social media thus increasing its SEO campaign.

6. Solid Security

WordPress is the largest and one of the most popular blogging platform. Hence, its developers have taken security as a crucial concern and have built a highly secure and resilient platform which is rarely prone to hacking.

Our Flexibility in WordPress

Theme Development

Go for a customized web experience for your business rather than using the existing templates. Enhance Brand engagements with your customers providing them with an experience unique to your business.

Plugin Development

Get the best plugin developers for adding customized functionalities to your website to stand out from the rest. Integrate your business operations seamlessly by developing apt WordPress plugins.

Custom E-Commerce Store Development

Build your Business online by availing custom WordPress solutions provided by us. We help you drive your online sales by developing customized online shop solutions.

Mobile App Backend

Various plugins on WordPress allow easy and affordable solutions for developing Mobile App Backend. Get your app updated at the same time when you update your website pages using WordPress.

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